Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Jewelry Piece in Progress

Please Comment on this piece in progress.

So I am slowly learning the art of Wire Work. I am currently working on my second piece. It seems to be taking forever since I don't seem to have the proper tools to expedite the process. My Dad game me a vise and a small saw this weekend to use to cut jump rings. But I need to get some small dowel rods that are the correct size for the rings. Let me know what you think.

These gemstones are goldstone. They are a rich brown color with little flecks of gold throughout the stone. The wire is copper.

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  1. THIS PIECE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I have purchased several pieces, and had special order's made for by Karen. She is extremely tallented!!! Each piece is handmade to your specifications, as well as ALL the many incredible pieces she designs makes, that you cannot live without! This seller takes extremely good care of her cutomers as well. A very gifted, very tallented gal.
    Mrs. Lynn Smith